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„If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable” Seneka

Is it the company size that makes it successful? After all, it is the small companies that often accomplish great things. Through creativity, zeal for action and hard work, small and medium enterprises of Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin change the image of the region, and not seldom, of the country and a given business branch. Without both extensive corporate support and decades of experience, they create innovative products, and build a strong brand in spite of the odds. The Regional Development Agency S.A. in Sosnowiec was created for these companies.

To support, advise and make creative actions easier. Through financial instruments, professional training and informational services the RDA creates favorable business community and enables small visionaries to form great things.

Mission in action

We have been supporting development for nearly 20 years.

We operate in the sector of micro, small, and medium enterprises, providing consulting, information, training and financial services.

We aggregate people with a common vision

The RDA in Sosnowiec is a joint-stock company, in which cities and institutions associating entrepreneurs have their shares.

We act together for the development of MSMEs. We cooperate with institutions of higher education, banks, labor offices, business organizations, the Marshall and the Province Office.

We care about quality

We have accreditation of PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development) and we use Standardization for the Centers of Domestic Services System, we also have the accreditation of the Education Authority. We are a part of the Central Register of Counseling and Training Institutions and a TELC Examination Center. We have introduced the Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9001:2009 norm, and we have been granted 10 times the title of a “Fair Play Enterprise”.

We support.

We understand that the needs of the region are varied. That is why, besides business operations, we engage ourselves in affairs of CSR, supporting societal actions and charity organizations:

  • Brother Alfred Organization
  • Jan Kiepura Organization
  • St. Thomas the Apostle Hospice in Sosnowiec

We understand business

We come from

Among us are regional civil servants, coaches and marketing people. We share a common goal: to continuously create conditions for the growth and creative business activity in the region.


Grzegorz Dąbrowski and Tomasz Kamiński watch over the Agency actions efficiency and are responsible for acquiring possibilities for the further development of our company.

Development and promotion

The team make sure that the projects are conducive to the development of the RDA and the SSTP, as well as consistent with the adopted mission. In cooperation with the remaining departments it gives shape to the activities undertaken by the Agency. The department is additionally responsible for maintaining contacts with the media and supporting the realization of events conducted as a part of both the RDA and the SSTP activity.

Administration and finances

Accountants and administration specialist team looks after broadly defined management of the Agency’s real estate. Besides ongoing expenses clearance, it takes care of the organizational, technical and housing issues.

Financial instruments

The financial team advises on cases connected with bank loans and warranties offered by the Agency and solicits the best cooperation conditions from partner banks.

The Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park

The team managing the Park take care of any tenancy issues, conducts projects, such as Start with SSTP, as well as organizes all sorts of special events.

Modern vision

Where science and technology meet

One of the successes of the RDA is the launch of the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park. The Park creates ideal conditions for the development of business innovations. Providing handy communication, high-tech infrastructure, technological background and essential care of universities and research facilities, it supports knowledge transfer into the business and builds the company’s competitive advantage. Our mission is to stimulate economic growth of the region through attraction, support and development of innovative enterprises. See the Park’s offer at

Modern office & production space

Facility consists of two buildings:

  • The main office and retail building with full professional training and conference facilities.
  • Research and production facility (the so-called cobblestone) with the application of high-tech systems.

Knowledge transfer

The SSTP hosts scientists, creators and visionaries during numerous fairs, conferences and knowledge picnics. The SSTP is where the exchange of experience, as part of the cooperation of companies functioning within the SSTP, as well as institutions of higher education and research centers, is made possible.


Effects of our activity

are noticed not only by our partners and customers, but also media.

Many people have contributed to the success of the RDA.

Three of them have told our story…

Grzegorz Dąbrowski

– graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science of the University of Silesia in Katowice. For 8 years he worked as spokesman and the head of the Department for Information and Promotion of the City of the Local Government in Sosnowiec, creating the first press office in the history of Sosnowiec self-government, the structure of which was later an inspiration for many cities. Here he co-authored one of the first city promotion strategies in Poland. Examples of its consequent realization found its reflection in numerous business line articles and lectures of his authorship. He was one of the most recognizable spokesmen of the region. Since 2011 in the Management of the Regional Development Agency S.A. in Sosnowiec – the operator of the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park, at first as a member of the board, since mid 2012 on the position of the chairman of the management board.

Money for your own business

Tomasz Kamiński

– graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice. As a tax attorney he specializes in tax law, company law and economic law. He has been gaining professional experience for nearly 10 years, cooperating with law firms as a specialist for legal and tax issues. He presides supervisory boards of the Municipal Waste Management Complex sp. z o. o. with its main office in Sosnowiec and TERMO-REX S.A. In 2012 he was an attorney of the Management of the RDA S.A. in Sosnowiec for the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park and then in the same year became the vice-chairman of the Regional Development Agency S.A. in Sosnowiec.

Monika Zając

– marketing and management graduate from the Katowice School of Economics and the University of Economics in Katowice, as well as postgraduate studies in the human resources management and project management within the structural funds of the Warsaw School of Economics. She achieved first successes in the field of management and coordination of the European Union projects such as the Development Center for the Electrical Engineering EMAG and an R&D institutions - the Institute of Control Systems within the ABG Poland group. In 2011, as an inspector of the City of Sosnowiec Office, she helped in granting a concession for the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park, within the project Economic Gate of Silesia, after which she became the president of the SSTP.

Door open wide for innovation

Face to face

How to combine vision with business, and business
with science?

- customers of the RDA S.A. in Sosnowiec and the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park say.

Watch videos

Business support

Collected data through the observation of the market and the enterprises operating on it enabled us to develop a wide range of services for the owners of micro, small and medium companies. Among others, they can make use of general counseling and information services. Modern training system is also vital and compatible with world trends within the business education. Our Agency also provides an access to numerous financial instruments, valued mainly because of their extraordinary stability and safety.

All services provided by the RDA are characterized by mobility and flexibility, which is why particular solutions are adjusted to the needs of a given enterprise. Success of the companies that cooperate with us has been noticed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, which decided to inscribe the RDA to the National System of Services, which gathers institutions of the highest quality of activities undertaken for an economic growth.

Financial services

How do we support?

Financial barriers often stand on the way to the realization of the best ideas. That is why we have prepared financial instruments meant to maximize the market opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises, which constitute the thrust of the development of the domestic economy innovativeness.

  • Beneficiaries are micro, small and medium entrepreneurs from the Silesia Province.
  • Supporting purchases and investments that contribute to the maintenance of the current level of employment or creating new work places.
  • Maximum level of loan within one agreement is 120 000 zł with own financial contribution of minimum 20%
  • Loan is granted for 60 months
  • Guarantee of payment is a blank bill of borrower and other, jointly agreed protection


Renata Kasprzyk-Jarmołowicz
Michał Frankowski
Tel.: 32 266 50 41; 32 293 36 10, extension number 704
Fax.: 32 293 37 31

Information-coaching services

Contemporary world reality places information in a center of our attention, thus making it of paramount significance. Access to dependable and fast sources of information might decide about products, services, and even whole companies’ competitive advantage. That is why we put an extra effort into broadening the informational offer dedicated to our partners.

Free information-coaching services

The Regional Development Agency S.A. operates a free Consultation Point, which provides information services for micro, small and medium enterprises and people, who are launching their own economic activity.

The Regional Development Agency S.A. offers services of a comprehensive preparation of applications for co-financing for entrepreneurs and people planning to start business activity.


Agnieszka Szopa
Tel.: 32 260 50 41, extension number 713
Katarzyna Biesiada
Tel.: 32 778 91 05

Professional training services

In the RDA we are well aware of the fact that the passed-on knowledge gives profit. Therefore, we provide a full set of professional trainings, owing to which we help to develop entrepreneurship, as well as raise qualifications and competences of both the employed and the unemployed. We dedicate our offer to those who aim at achieving a new occupation and retraining. During our meetings we popularize “good business practices”.

Professional Training, Employment Promotion, Coaching Center

In what way we help?

  • Professional trainings enable the increase of professional qualifications, which has a positive influence on the situation of beneficiaries on the labor market
  • Recipients of our services prepare themselves to their own economic activity and self-employment
  • We also guarantee professional training for management staff, focusing on the needs linked to restructuring or privatization of work places and effective management of enterprises
  • Provided services also involve counseling in work searching methods, auto presentation and career pre-orientation


tel.: 32 266 50 41, extension number 713, 714

SSTP Services

The SSTP is a complex, in which we provide comprehensive business facilities: office and production space. In order to ensure the fullest possible comfort of cooperation we have a conference and training team at our disposal. As a part of the cooperation we offer counseling and training, as well as a virtual office.

See full offer at

Region development

Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin are leaders on the scale
of the entire country in terms of investment attractiveness.

A huge internal consumer market (4.6 million inhabitants) delivers 13% of the GDP. The Katowice Special Economic Zone (along with the Sosnowiec and Dąbrowa Górnicza Subzone) attracts investors, whereas well-developed transport, communication network, rich natural resources, and praised regional ethos of work favor entrepreneurship growth.

Silesia Province

Did you know that...?

  • Within 100 km radius from Katowice – capital of the Silesia Province - about 9 million people live and within about 600 km radius there are six European capital cities?
  • Katowice Airport distinguishes itself in comparison to others with the least number of “flightless days”?
  • Silesia Province has the densest railway and tram communication network?
  • Silesia Province is one of the biggest science and academic centers in the country?
  • Silesia Province is one of the most important areas for foreign investments?
  • Katowice Special Economic Zone is the leader among special economic zones in Poland?
  • Over 80% of cars produced in Poland are manufactured in Silesia?
  • Almost every second RAM memory and every third memory card sold in Poland is produced here?
  • Silesia Province comes second among other Provinces in the generation of GDP?

Learn more at

City’s Showcase

Sosnowiec is located in the Silesia Province, in the center of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region, in Dąbrowa Basin and borders eight different cities. The city has over 218 thousand of inhabitants and covers the area of 91.06km2. The history of Sosnowiec dates back to the XII century, however it was granted city rights in 1902. Already then the city prided itself in its own theater, press and medicine system. It owes its dynamic growth to mining-metallurgical industry, yet after 1989 the industry was restructured. Nowadays Sosnowiec is an industry-commerce city. Additionally, opulent trade fair offer draws tourists and exhibitors. The city, once associated with heavy and mining industry, today is becoming an academic and business center. Get to know the city on

Dąbrowa Basin

Shaped by heavy industry traditions and social involvement of habitants, the Dąbrowa Basin is today, after deep transformations, an important business and academic center. Adoption of a balanced development strategy and incorporation to NUTS (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics) classification as NUTS 3 enabled the region to fully use the European Union funds, so as to realize local undertakings. The European Union funds are used in many different fields, from science, business and ecology to historical monuments preservation.

Dynamically developing Basin is headquarters for branches’ giants, among others metallurgical (Mittal Steel Poland) , automotive (BITRON,ERGOM,SEGU) or meat industry (Duda-Bis), besides it is a magnet for foreign investors (TIMKEN, Foster Wheeler, Energy FAKOP, ThyssenKrupp, Saint-Gobain Hanglas Polska). Altogether nearly 72 thousand economic subjects operate here.

The region is located in the southern Poland, in the Silesia Province, and has over 730 000 inhabitants, which includes 145 thousand students learning in various education centers. Its rich history, cultural and recreational offer provide countless ways of spending time also after work.

See more at:

The operator of SSTP

Sosnowiec, Teatralna 9 street
tel. 32 266 50 41, 32 293 36 10
fax 32 293 37 31